Constitution of World Forum For Sri Lankan Muslims

Article I. Name

The name of this forum shall be World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims- abbreviated to WFSLM

Article II. Vision and Mission

.Article II – 1.0 – Vision

To provide and sustain a World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims around the world to express, communicate, engage in and promote the pursuit of ideas and activities designed to elevate the condition, welfare and humanitarianism of the Sri Lankan Muslims based on Islamic values and world order.

Article II – 2.0 – Mission

To improve public understanding and policies that impact Sri Lankan Muslims around the world by engaging Governments, NGOs, Media, Private Organizations and Communities and to bring about change in our condition through Advocacy, Education and Activism with view to transform and benefit both Sri Lankan Muslims and other Communities in the spirit of pluralism and human welfare.

Article III.  The Structure Of WFSLM

Article III. 1.0 – Interim Structure

A. Office bearers

B. Steering Committee

C. Membership

D.  General Assembly


Interim office bearers






Article III. – 2.0 Organization Structure





Article IV.- Membership

Article IV – General Assembly

World Forum for Sri Lanka Muslims will consist of Individual organizations and group of organizations registered with the WFSLM represented by head or deputy and the secretary or their representatives and Individuals of standing who are recognized in their own field, registered with WFSLM and who are not members of any organisation. This will form the General Assembly of the WFSLM

Members of the General Assembly of WFSLM categorised as:

Supportive Members

Associate Members

Executive Committee Members

Nominated Members

Article IV. – 2.0 Supportive Members

All members who registered with WFSLM are supportive members of the Forum

Article IV – 3.0 Associate Members

Members who are representatives of any association are named Associate members, shares the objectiveness and principles of WFSLM and actively engaged and implementing WFSLM activities and projects

Article IV – 4.0 Executive Committee Members

Members of Steering Committee, Elected Office Bearers and the members of any committee are known as Executive Members

Article IV – 5.0 Nominated Members

Sri Lankan Muslims of standing and citizens of other countries who are admitted to the SLMWF are known as nominated members.

Article V Selection/election procedure for Executive committees

Article V -1.0 Office Bearers

a. Interim Office Bearers

These were proposed by the founder Coordinator and accepted by the selected interim office bearers at the launch of the World Forum on 18th October 2019 in UK. The interim office bearers will hold the positions till the regular office bearers are elected or selected.

b. The Office Bearers

The regular office bearers will be elected or selected by the general assembly unanimously or by voting as per the applicable articles mentioned hereafter.

Article V -2.0 Steering Committee

The interim Office bearers will request the founder members and the initiators of the World Forum by letter and those who had consented will form the Steering Committee. The tenure of this committee will be for a period of one year during which period the World Forum structure to be formulated and agreed by the steering committee as per the stipulated articles of this draft constitution, agreed by the steering committee. The steering committee will be discontinued once the regular functioning committees are formed.

Article V – 3.0 The Committees

Article V 3.10 – Executive Committee

The present Interim Executive Committee(EXCO) Shall consist of 17 members.

Main Office Bearers are:

A. Chairman

B. Secretary General

C. Finance Secretary

D. Members of the Interim Steering Committee

The regular Executive Committee members are appointed /elected at the General Assembly every three years. Chairperson of each of the working committees will be part of the executive committee.

In addition any person professing Islamic Faith and Sri Lankan origin and member of the General Assembly can be nominated to the    Executive Committee at the Annual General Meeting.

Executive Committee (EC) member must possess highest character, be of good standing in the Muslim Community.( see eligibility criteria)

Executive Committee member is responsible for the Chairman and the General Assembly.

Executive Committee member shall take an oath of allegiance at the first meeting of the Committee.

The Quorum for Executive Meeting is 51%

The Chairman in concurrence with committee members fill any vacancy in the committee by nominating a member from the General Assembly membership list as per eligibility criteria for the remaining period.

The Executive Committee is responsible to carry out the aims, objectives, time plan and any resolution passed at the general assembly of the WFSLM.

It is the duty if the EC transact business, authorise expenditure and collect donation and membership fees for the Forum.

The Executive Committee shall three meeting per year

One third of the EXCO members call for EXCO meeting giving reasons to the Secretary General in writing.

All decision of the EXCO shall be made by a simple majority provided 51% of EXCO members present.

The Chairman will have a casting vote.

The Secretary General will have all records of the meetings,

The Chairman and the EXCO should strictly follow the Constitution of WFSLM apply the highest ethical standard when making decision and formulating policies.

Coordination, Communication and , cooperation and cordial relationship must be maintained among all members of the EXCO at all times, avoiding any frictions, deterring others  from creating factions.

The executive Committees will be formed as and when required by the steering committee selected from the general assembly. Members of the General Assembly shall be appointed into Committees.

Each Committee shall have a Committee Chair. Committee Chair and its members shall be selected to serve a term of two years.

Following committees with their objectives are proposed and to be developed with time

Article V – 3.20 Membership Committee

It is estimated to have over 300,000 Sri Lankan Muslims working globally and our goal is to recruit at least 1% which is 3,000

A. Membership includes the following:

1. Supportive membership

2. Associate membership

3. Executive membership

4. Nominated membership

B. Membership eligibility criteria (please see byelaws)

C. Membership Fee (see article vi)

The following representatives from each country will form the Membership Committee – Total of 17 members.

a. Unites States of America – 3 Members

b. Canada – 3 Members

c. United Kingdom – 3 Members

d. Australia – 3 Members

e. Middle East – 2 Members

f. Other – 3 members

Article V – 3.30 – Other proposed committees

Members of the General Assembly shall be appointed into Committees.

Each Committee shall have a Committee Chair.

Committee Chair and its members shall be selected to serve a term of two years.

Following committees with their objectives are proposed and to be developed with time

Article V – 3.2.1 Youth and Education Committee

The moto of the Youth and Education Committee shall be “Dream big and strive for excellence “

The objectives of this committee are:

1. To initiate programs designed to build leadership in youth and encourage and promote education in both religious and secular fields.

2. Encourage and develop youth to participate in national and international activities that foster understanding between communities and cultures.

3. Create a balanced and moderate forum for youth to express their aspirations and goals and interact in an environment of respect, responsibility, accountability and integrity.

4. Facilitate and promote the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge to create a community environment of “empowerment through knowledge and faith”.

Article V – 3.2.2 – Social and Religious Committee

The moto of the Social and Religious Committee shall be “Reaching out and building bridges”

The objectives of this committee are:

1. Promote and initiate Islamic knowledge, understanding and awareness through instructive and interactive means at both intra and inter faith levels.

2. Initiate activities to counteract islamophobia and promote understanding and cooperation among different groups and faiths by building bridges with all segments of society.

3. Engage in social programs designed to elevate Islamic knowledge and etiquette in relation to modern day challenges and issues

4. Facilitate and engage in development of community infrastructure and charity work to alleviate hardship by reaching out to individuals, groups, organizations and communities.

Article V – 3.2.3 – Political and Global Committee

The moto of the Political and Global Committee shall be “Promoting awareness of local issues globally”

The objectives of this committee are:

1. Mobilize the resources and opinions of the Sri Lankan Muslim diaspora globally in order to address and resolve issues affecting the community in Sri Lanka and internationally.

2. Engage in constructive political activism and engagement for the benefit of the community at various levels in each country

3. Promote and develop a mindset of diversity and inclusiveness at the intra-community and inter community level that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries.

4. Endeavour to create a sense of global unity and presence of roots among the Sri Lankan Muslim diaspora and the communities in Sri Lanka.

Article V – 3.2.4 – Public Relations and Media Committee

The moto of the Public Relations and Media Committee shall be “Voice of reason and social justice”

The objectives of this committee are:

1. Improve the public understanding of Islam and shape policies impacting Global Muslims by engaging through government, media and communities.

2. Articulate the aspirations and priorities of the community in the public space through activism and engagement in public affairs issues.

3. Endeavour to be the voice of reason and moral center for the community in religious and secular issues.

4. Communicate via all relevant media channels factual and unbiased information and news that lead to more enlightened community responses in relation to civil liberties, human rights and social justice for all citizens of the countries from where the membership of the WFSM is comprised of, advocating the implementation of Human Rights recognised by United Nations Charter and deploring terrorism of any kind or nature.

Article V – 3.3 – Constitutional Powers to Executive Committee

Article V – 3.3.1

To support, cooperate and work with other world bodies with similar ideals and with welfare agencies, voluntary organizations and other agencies in furtherance of the objects of WFSLM

Article V -3.3.2.

To actively promote unity among all Muslims worldwide in furtherance if the common cause

Article V – 3.3.3.

To do all such other lawful things are necessary for the achievement of the object of the WFSLM

Article VI – Membership Fee

The initial membership to SLMWF will be free and subsequently a nominal amount to be determined to cover any administrative expenses

Article VII – Resignation, Termination, Suspension of Membership

Article VII – 1.0 Resignation

Any member of the general assembly can resign at anytime by informing the Secretary General in writing except the members of the Executive Committee who are expected to give notice of at least one month

Article VII – 2.0 Suspension of Membership

Any member of the General Assembly may be suspended of membership if charged for misconduct or fraud or even undermining the mission and vision of the WFSLM until they are cleared of the charges.

Article VII – 3.0 Termination

Any member of the General Assembly/Supportive Member/Associate Member can be terminated immediately if found guilty of misconduct or fraud or even undermining the mission and vision of the SLMWF and:

a. conduct or activities , principles and policies of WFSLM

b. Conduct or activities which may bring the WFSLM into disrepute

c. Attempt to create sub-group within WFSLM

d. If found in violation of membership criteria

e. If convicted in any court of having been involved in illegal activities, including terrerism

f. Termination or suspension shall be decided only after through investigation.

Article VII – 4.0 Cease to be an active member

A member of the EXCO cease office if he become incapable, by reason of illness, injury or mental disorder managing the affairs assigned to him

Article VII – Office Bearers and their Responsibilities/Duties

Article VII – 1.0 Chairman

Any person professing the Islamic faith and Sri Lankan origin, representing an individual or group of organizations, or a nominated member may be appointed as the Chairman, preferably by a unanimous decision of the Members of the Forum, but in case there are more than one contesting the post will be filled by majority votes.

The Chairman shall serve a term of two years. And shall be re-elected or appointed for a further term of two years by the Members of the Forum. Maximum terms a Chairman can be elected or appointed shall be two terms.

Article VII – 1.10- Chairman’s Duties

The duties of the Chairman shall include:

1. Calls and Chairs General and Executive meetings.

2. Plan, organize, manage, and provide guidance to policy development and special project in consultation with members of the Forum.

3. Ensure proper maintenance of books, records, and other cited documents.

4. Uphold legal and ethical responsibilities and the integrity of the organization.

5. Act honestly and faithfully to achieve the objectives of the Forum in accordance with this document.

6. Oversees and approves goals and objectives of committees and sub-committees, if any.

7. Issue any press release with respect to any issue affecting the Sri Lankan Muslim Community

Article VII – 2.0 Secretary General

Any person professing the Islamic faith and Sri Lankan origin, representing an individual or group of organizations or a nominated member may be appointed as the Secretary General by a unanimous decision of the Members of the Forum or by voting in case of more than one candidate

The Secretary General shall be elected or appointed for a term of three years and  shall be re-appointed or re-elected for a further term of  three years by the Members of the Forum. Maximum terms Secretary General can serve is restricted two terms.

Article cited VII -2.10 – Secretary General’s duties

The duties of the Secretary General shall include:

1. Keeper of all documents pertaining to meetings, minutes, correspondence, agenda, etc.

2. Inform general and executive committee members of forth coming meetings.

3. Gathers input for agenda, and other proposal whenever necessary.

4. Prepares the minutes of general and executive meeting and distribute them promptly to executive and general members.

5. Custodian of the corporate seal, records and other official documents.

Article VII – 3.0 Treasurer

Any person professing Islamic faith and Sri Lankan origin, representing as an individual or a group of organisations or a nominated member may be appointed/elected as the Treasurer by a unanimous decision of the members of the Forum or voting in case of more than one candidate.

The Treasurer shall serve a term of three years. The Treasurer shall serve any number of terms but shall be re elected or re appointed every three years by the members of the Forum.

Article VII – 3.10 -Duties of the Treasurer

The duties of the Treasurer shall include:

1. Treasurer shall maintain a complete and accurate accounting book

2. Treasurer together with Secretary General or the Chairman sanction and sign all expenditure.

3. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the payment of all expenses of WFSLM in accordance with the policies approved by the Executive Committee.

4. Prepare Financial Report in accordance with the accounting norms and present to the  WFSLM and government authorities as required.

5. Treasurer may get the help of a Independent Auditor as needed to prepare and submit the yearly accounts together with supporting documents and get them authorised by the Chairman.

6. The Treasurer will receive and deposit all funds received to the financial institution named by the WFSLM.

7. Treasurer will submit the Audited accounts to the General Meeting of the WFSLM every three years.

Article VIII– Election Procedure

All three positions preferred to be elected unanimously.

Officers shall be elected every two or three years and serve a term of three years from January of the first year until December of the next year.

In the event of any office falling vacant, the position to be filled within a month

Article IX – Meetings

Article IX – 1.0 Executive Committee

Three meeting per calendar year by Skype

The Secretary General will arrange giving enough time and taking the time difference into consideration

Article IX – 2.0 General Meeting

There shall be a general meeting of the WFSLM which shall be held during the month of October once in Every Three years.

All Executive members, Associate members and supportive members entitled to attend the general meeting

The Annual Report,  accounts for proceeding three years will be submitted at this meeting

Article IX – 3.0 Extra Ordinary Meetings

To be arranged as required with sufficient notice

Article X – Projects and Finances

These will be determined by each of the appropriate Committees and its budget to be arranged project by project basis

Possible Project – Assisting to develop Education in Sri lanka and one possible project is to work with All Ceylon Muslim educational Conference

Article XI – Amendments, alteration

Article XI – 1.0

The Executive Committee of WFSLM may from time to time make, alter, amend rules, regulations and bye Laws as necessary to the constitution by resolution passed at a general meeting with two third (2/3) majority of members present

Article XI – 2.0 -By-laws

a. The Executive Committee must adopt such means as they think sufficient to bring the rules and by laws to the notice of members of the General Assembly

b. The rules or by-laws shall be binding on all members of the General Assembly

c. No rule or bye-law shall be inconsistent with or shall affect or repeal anything contained in, this constitution

Article XII – Dissolution

It is become necessary to dissolve the WMSLM if approved:

a. A two third (2/3) majority approval from the Executive Committee

b. A two third (2/3) majority at a General Assembly

Disclaimer :

Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims ( point-of-view.

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