Climate change is already affecting millions of people around the world – forcing communities from their homes, with air pollution and food insecurity impacting both their physical and mental health. The impacts of climate change are leaving the world’s poorest people with paying the biggest price. 

For many of us in the Global North, climate change can still feel far away. Butthe people who have done the least to contribute to this crisis have been facing devastating loss and damage for years, and it is only set to get worse. COP27’s host, Egypt is warming at a rate double the global average – causing unprecedented droughts and threatening livelihoods.

In 2009, wealthy governments pledged to give low income countries $100bn a year to help mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. But time and again, they’ve failed to live up to that promise. 

This year, activists have succeeded in getting loss and damage on the COP27 agenda. It’s a historic first step towards climate justice for the people most affected by climate change  but there’s a long way to go and we need to keep up the pressure to turn words into action

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