Sri Lankan Chapter of World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims (WFSLM)

Sri Lankan Chapter of World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims (WFSLM)

The Sri Lankan chapter of the World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims (WFSLM) was formed under the Chairmanship of Prof Rasheen Bappu on 16th April 2024 in Colombo. A professional steering committee was named to focus on thematic areas; such as, Public relations & Media, Education, Pluralism, Coexistence & interaction, Social & Event management, Political & International Affairs, Gender Equality, Health &Wellbeing, Legal, Youth, Climate change & Sustainability, Information Technology, Project monitoring & Evaluation, Finance, Fund raising and Membership development.

All Sri Lankans have a collective responsibility to stand against all forms of racism, hate crime, extremism, assist in the development of an inclusive socially conscious, cohesive community, and support the welfare of all Sri Lankans irrespective of their race, religion, ethnicity, social status, or political affiliation.

It is vital to encourage and endure especially our youth to actively get involved in all WFSLM activities and foster an environment, create opportunities to thrive and share responsibility in the service to humanity. WFSLM embraces diverse range of perspectives, knowledge, skills, expertise, experiences, talents, abilities and strengthen its standing in the global arena. WFSLM has the vision for all Sri Lankans to grow with in Socio, Cultural and Economic spurs in Pursuit of sustainable peace.


Prof Rasheen Bappu (Chairman – Sri Lanka Chapter)

Mobile:  +94771446447 or WhatsApp: +94 764498118

[email protected]

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