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World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims are monitoring the current situation in Sri Lanka and deeply concerned of events unfolding, since protestors entering to occupy Prime Minister’s Office.

We urge the youth to respect the constitution and rule of law and tread carefully and restrain from damaging Historical buildings which are properties of all of us.

While acknowledging the efforts, enthusiasm and passion to rid of corrupt politicians in Sri Lanka, we must safeguard our public properties. A System Change eventually will materialize.

We are aware President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has confirmed he will resign, we are still to see the resignation letter, event after the announcement from PM’s office and from the Speaker of the the parliament. 

Both President! and PM’s residences are occupied by protesters as Sri Lanka is in deep financial crisis and the crowds say they won’t leave until both men quit their posts.

The parliament Speaker had earlier said the president would resign on 13 July.

The president has been blamed for the country’s economic mismanagement, which has caused dire shortages of food, fuel and medicine for months. His resignation was first announced by the parliament Speaker on Saturday, but many Sri Lankans responded with skepticism to the idea that he would relinquish power.

On Monday, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s office said in a statement it had been informed by Mr Rajapaksa that he would step down on Wednesday.

But under Sri Lanka’s constitution, his resignation can only formally be accepted when he resigns by letter to the Speaker – which has yet to happen.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe had earlier also said he would step down from his position. His house was also set on fire during Saturday’s

Quote Peace Council 

The occupation of President’s House by the Aragalaya (people’s movement) and further occupation of other state buildings used by the President and Prime Minister has been followed by the fleeing abroad of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa early this morning.  The occupation of the Prime Minister’s official residence and the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, and the attempt to reach the parliamentary complex highlight the continuing crisis in Sri Lanka and the loss of faith in existing political institutions.  Unfortunately, we have often witnessed near violent behavior of many of our legislators in recent months which eroded the faith in democratic institutions.

The president, government and security forces have demonstrated commendable restraint so there was no loss of life despite the near revolutionary scale of the events that occurred.  The occupation of state properties needs to end soon with all people agreeing to abide by the law and the constitution of the country.  We do not condone the use of force and undemocratic suppression of the people’s right to protest by means of emergency law and curfew. There is a need to act with responsibility as well as prevent anarchy.

The National Peace Council expresses its disappointment and consternation at the varying and contradictory communications between the president, prime minister and speaker regarding the resignation of the president and his replacement.  In view of this and the effective nullification of the electoral mandates of the president and present government given three years ago NPC calls for the immediate formation of an all-party interim government as proposed by political leaders, civil society and religious clergy.  It is appropriate that the membership of the interim government to be chosen by sufficient consensus of the main parties.

The importance of consensual decision-making at this time is that the problems facing the country are very grave.  There is a need to set the framework for corruption-free economic restructuring, constitutional reform, devolution of power, based on pluralistic values, and accountability that will have the people’s backing and prepare the ground for free and fair early elections. This will also strengthen the conviction of the international community that the country has a blueprint for the future and that would ensure assistance for us to emerge from the current economic disaster and confrontational politics, the need of the hour.

Governing Council

The National Peace Council is an independent and non-partisan organization that works towards a negotiated political solution to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. It has a vision of a peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka in which the freedom, human rights and democratic rights of all the communities are respected.

“The next couple of days are going to be extremely uncertain times for Sri Lanka as to see what transpires politically.

Rizwan Wahab
Secretary General

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