Members of the World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims are saddened, shocked, dismayed and observed with great concern, the way some of the police officers in Sri Lanka behaved when controlling the crowd of peaceful Assembly of Men, Women and Children at Galle face green on the 9th of October 2022.

The entire world witnessed the inhuman manner the participating peaceful protestors were Manhandled by the Police. The expatriate’s community vehemently Condemn the violation of fundamental rights of men, women and children and the citizen of our motherland while the expatriate community is striving hard to bring the lost glory of our paradise Sri Lanka, in foreign land and promote tourism and image building, after the recent unfavorable events unfolded.

We observe continuous disregard for the rule of law in the country. This event will be an inevitable repercussion on the tourism sector and our efforts to support the country is further tarnished by these unwarranted inhumane actions of some police officers.
These deplorable actions will further the country’s reputations, as we witnessed in the UNHCR resolutions against Sri Lanka.

The law-abiding citizens were exercising their lawful rights to peaceful Assembly. The psychological trauma of those mothers and children can cause irreversible consequences in the long term.

The shocking images of a young child wailing in fear, clutching her mother while they are both forcefully dragged away by police officers, is a clear violation of Article 11 of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom from torture and cruel, inhumane, degrading treatment, or punishment. Research has shown the severe psychological trauma incurred by children who are exposed to violence, with many suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in adulthood.

We urge the President to call for a impartial investigation against those police officers and those who’s orders they acted. As we see these unlawful unethical, brutal behavior of some officers bring lasting damage to the entire police force in Sri Lanka

Furthermore, WFSLM is deeply concerned about escalating violence against the innocent protestors and the use PTA to arbitrary arrest peaceful protestors. We record our grave concern of United Nations Human Rights violations.

Secretary General
World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims
10th October 2022.

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