Safe Fasting in chronic health conditions.

đź©şSafe Fasting in chronic health conditions.

đź—“Sunday,19th March 2023

🌀Live on Zoom

🎙Medium : English


The above event Safe Fasting in Chronic Health Conditions is organised by Health and Well Being Wing of WFSLM.

Please reserve the date and give your full support and participation.

Following organisations worldwide are joining WFSLM for this event and promoting in their country and Regions

Thasbeeh Media
Middle East and Srilanka Event Coordinator

Coordinator United Kingdom
Cosmos UK-umbrella organisation-
Promoting in UK

Canada USLMCC- promoting in Canada

Qatar CDF – promoting Qatar and surrounding WFSLM member Countries

Germany An Noor EV- Promoting in Germany and Europeon Region of WFSLM

Botswana – promoting in African Region of WFSLM

To Reserve and guarantee a place please join the group early. An important and worthwhile program everyone who needs valuable advise, specially people who intend fasting with Health Condition.

For more information
Please contact:

Dr. Mohamed Ramali
[email protected]

Team Leader
WFSLM Health and Well Being Team

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