Sri Lanka Independence Day

The Chairman, Executive Committee and members of World Forum for Srilankan Muslims (WFSLM) take this great opportunity to wish all Srilankan’s in Srilanka and abroad on the occasion of celebrating the 72nd Independence Of our motherland Srilanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean and fondly known as the tear drop of India and popular known to outside world as the  Serendib.

The occasion is of special significance to all Srilankan within and Globally to commemorate the dawn of freedom.

As we celebrate the independence let us consolidate on peace and  freedom achieved for all Srilankan’s. Let us enjoy the freedom with dignity and pride, as the freedom comes with the resolute steps by the government to establish good governance, Rule of Law, True snd meaningful democracy long lasting peace to all communities and ethnicities, to believe in and be proud of being Srilankan. We have had enough of hate and violence, now is the time to unite as one nation, build our future with love and understanding among all communities.
And to enjoy the Socio, Economic and Political Freedom and live securely without fear.

We dedicate and commit ourself  to serve our Country and to treat and serve  all  Srilankan equally.

Freedom is the most precious thing in every humans life and no one has the right to take it away.

We hope and pray on this Independence Day to bring one vision, one identity, one nation, and to bring peace, harmony and stability to our nation

In all sphere of life to all Srilankan’s,  We should honour all patriotic Srilankan’s  who fought for our Freedom and not to forget their sacrifice to the nation.

On this occasion we take strong decision and promise ourselves to serve our motherland with responsibility and work for the development of  our nation.

Let us keep and value the spirit of patriotism.
Happy Independence day.

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