Attack on Al-Al Aqsa Worshippers. – WFSLM condemn the attack on worshippers in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

World forum for Sri Lankan Muslims statement- WFSLM condemn the attack on worshippers in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

WFSLM will speak up and stand up against all violation of Human Rights and Injustices without fear or favour.


Dear Brothers and Sisters of Islam.

This is the blessed month of Ramadhan, we Muslims look for peace and tranquility and to be closer to our creator. But we are saddened that our brothers and sisters and children of Palestine are deprived of their worship in the Holy Mosque Al- Aqsa in this Month of blessings.

We do not understand why again Al Aqsa the holiest mosque is once again the target of brutal Israeli soldiers, where worshippers were brutally attacked.

WFSLM call Upon all humanity to stand up with Palestinians and condemn the atrocities of Israeli soldiers, attacking the innocent Palestinians.

The International community should rise to the violation of human rights and not keep their eyes shut, the senseless attack while Palestinians were in the act of worship. Where is the religious freedom Enshrined in the UN charter?

Mothers, brothers, sisters and children on the floor, where is humanity? Human Rights? i infringing their rights! WFSLM cannot stay silent we must endure that freedom is not compromised.

The Israeli discrimination started 75 years ago, where are superpowers, America UK are watching the oppression of the Israelis. We need to protect our brothers and sisters in Palestinians as our voice heard worldwide. Countries of the World should rise up and speak up and do send the oppression.

To the American government we say you are hurting the innocent, your friends oppressing the Palestinians, while you are watching the abuse of Israeli soldiers and you also blocked the UN resolution in the security council, (no wonder there is anti-American sentiment in the region) – while you don’t condemn the attack on helpless worshippers.

You try to convince the world that this is not a war against Muslims, the photos and videos speaks volumes the violation of religious freedom by the heartless soldiers.

Our hearts trembles when see these videos.

Once again World Forum For Sri Lankan Muslims call upon all nations in the world to condemn Israeli government for the violation of Human Rights in Palestine.


Chairman –

World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims


United Kingdom.



The History 

4 April 2023, Israel has attacked Al Al-Aqsa  mosque again.  Yes, that’s right, the Zionist Apartheid regime stormed into Al Asqa injuring unarmed civilians.  Biased mainstream media are reporting it as a “clash”.  That’s like going to your neighbour’s garden, causing injury and destroying their belongings, and the police recording your neighbours as equally liable.

It is plain to see from any perspective that Palestine is under a brutal occupation by Israel.  The Zionists say that rioters barricaded themselves in the mosque.  This makes no sense whatsoever.  What were they rioting about, and what does it matter to Israel if Muslims barricade inside a mosque?  Not surprisingly, there is no footage of rioters outside Al Asqa.  Even if they dispersed, why did the Israeli forces still pursue them on internationally recognised Palestinian land?

Let the facts speak for themselves.  The truth is that Palestinians are resisting this 75-year occupation and are acting in self-defence.  Read this clearly: yes, Palestinians have a right to self-defence, and the Zionist Apartheid state has no right to occupy Palestine, not even an inch.

Attacking in Ramadan is nothing new.  In 2014, Israel attacked Gaza and  2,314 people were killed – almost as many as on 9/11.  The Zionist Apartheid state continues to get support from the USA.  Seems like the government of the USA doesn’t see Palestinians as equals, and therefore turns a blind eye to this brutality.

The high number of civilian deaths in 2014 would make you think that the Zionist State would think again about harming Palestinians indiscriminately.  This is far from the truth.  In Ramadan 2016, Israel cut water supplies to large areas of the West Bank.  Whilst temperatures were around 33 degrees centigrade, tens of thousands of Palestinians couldn’t drink water to break their fast.  The Zionist Apartheid state continued to get support from the West.

In Ramadan 2018, a group of Israeli settlers marched into Al Asqa Mosque.  Al Aqsa mosque is considered to be the third holiest site in Islam.  To attack Al Aqsa in Ramadan is nothing but provocation.  The Zionist Apartheid state does nothing to control its citizens from attacking innocent civilians – instead they teach their citizens to hate.

At least 4 Palestinians were killed, and 600 were injured in the Gaza Strip in 2018, once again in Ramadan.  Four Palestinians were punished by death for simply marching.   Was anybody held accountable for the 4 deaths?  Were the Zionist army reprimanded?  No.  The West continued to support the Zionist state.

In Ramadan 2019, ultra nationalist Zionists marched into Al Asqa mosque.  A totally provocative act.  Not surprisingly no action was taken against those who violated the third holiest site in Islam.  The West remained silent against the brutal occupation of the Zionist state

In 2021, the 11 days’ attack on Gaza killed 253 civilians including 66 children.  We continued to hear rhetoric from Western leaders that Israel has the right to defend itself.  Every people, including Palestinians, have the right to defend themselves.   We need to be clear about this, the attack on Palestinians by the Zionist state is never self-defence, it is a brutal occupation and provocation.

These attacks during our holy month of Ramadan must be questioned.  Why does the Zionist state do this?  So when Palestinians defend themselves, the Zionist State cries wolf and blames it on the true victims and Islam.  People are waking up to this nonsensical victim blaming.

Every time the Zionist state attacks Palestinians, they always blame their victims.  The only ‘crime’ the Palestinians are committing is resisting the occupation, and protesting against their people being killed and their children imprisoned.  After 75 years of occupation this brutal oppression is enough.

The silence from Western Leaders gives Tel Aviv the green light to kill Palestinians regularly, as the Zionist state knows they will not be held accountable.

So we must be the voices for Palestine.  We must start to take this seriously, share the videos from Palestinians on social media. Our strength is in our unity. Our silence is killing them.  What will be say when we will be asked by our Lord how we defended the oppressed?

Where can you start

Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian child at the time, was imprisoned for slapping a Zionist soldier with her bare hands. She was punished, not for a crime but because the ego of the Zionist Apartheid state got bruised and the whole world saw it.  She was tried in a military court and imprisoned for over a year.  Yes that’s right, the Zionist state gets away with dropping White Phosphorous weapons of mass destruction on a civilian population, and a young girl gets punished for causing a small amount of pain to an armed soldier.

Ahed has written a book.  Purchase it and read it to find out how the Zionist state brutalises children.  Ahed is our brave young sister, and she needs our support.  The title of her book is “They called me a Lioness”.  Share her story so the world wakes up to the injustice of the Zionist regime.

Ahed’s story is indeed a powerful one, and her bravery in standing up against injustice has inspired many around the world. Her experience sheds light on the ongoing struggle for justice and equality faced by Palestinians, particularly children, in the occupied territories.

Sharing Ahed’s story can help bring attention to the issue and encourage people to take action.

When we see our brothers, sisters and children in Palestine killed and imprisoned with no reason we feel pain. This year show your support, in addition to giving Zakat and Sadaqah, share their stories on Social Media. Follow prominent Palestinians and get their stories heard. Do your part raise your voice for justice.

It is important to support and amplify the voices of those affected by the conflict and raise awareness about their struggles. Sharing their stories on social media can be a powerful way to create awareness and encourage people to take action.

It’s the very least we can do from the comfort of our homes.

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