Corona Virus and Self Isolation

Reciting Quran

While we are in self isolation, you must take care of yourselves and those in your community. While we might be distancing physically, we can take care to be close emotionally and stay connected .

And What better way than getting connected to your creator. As we always turn to our creator in time of need.
It will be a good deed for this world and hereafter and Reciting our holy book is one such thing we can do
to be close to our Rab.

As we come closer to the word of Allah, the Quran.
Each verse is a sign of Allah informing us of informing us of his infinite mercy, power and knowledge. No other venture in our lives can be so momentous and crucial.
So blissful and rewarding as our journey to and through the Quran.
It is journey that will take us through the endless joy and riches of the words that our creator has sent to us and all mankind. Here we will find a world of untold treasures of knowledge and wisdom to guide us on the pathways of life, to mould our thoughts and actions.

In Allah speaks,

we will finds deep insights to enrich and steer the right course from it you will receive radiant light to illuminate what deeper reaches of your soul. Here we will encounter profound emotions, warmth to melt our hearts and bring tears running down our cheeks.

It is beyond mans power to fully comprehend, or to describe the greatness and importance of what the Quran hold for him.
The guidance of Allah there will be no fear upon them

It is the only weapon to help our frail existence as we struggle against the forces of evil temptation in this world. It I only means to overpower of our fears and anxieties. It is the only light as we wonder in the-darkness, with which to find our way to success and salvation. It is the only healing for our inner sicknesses
as well as the social ills that may surround us.

It is the constant reminder of our true nature and destiny, of our station our duties our rewards and our perils.
As you come to the Quran Allah speaks to you, to read the Quran is to hear him, converse with him and to walk
In his ways. It is the encounter of life with the Life-giver ALLAH.

Quran will lead us to success and glory in Dunya and hereafter.(quote)

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