Illegal attack by supporters of SLPP on peaceful protestors on 9th May 2022

It is alleged that the supporters of SLPP after the meeting with PM had subsequently attacked on innocent, peaceful protestors at Galle Face on 9th May 2022.

It is a fact that certain political parties and their leaders who are boasting about their grass root level contact in the country, failing to gather information about the arrival of SLPP supporters to the intended gathering in temple trees and subsequent attack and destruction in Galle Face.

The public must ask the question why the opposition party Leaders and their supporters barricade and stop the violence against Galle Face protestors. Arriving after attack and mingling with protestors is a just a display as far as the general public are concerned.

The unwarranted attacks were carried out by the ruling party, Sri Lanka PodujanaPeramuna (SLPP) supporters after meeting the President’s brother, Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was the then Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

As the public retaliated to the attacks, unrest broke out across the country overnight and into the following day, with the tri-forces being issued a shooting order by the Defense Ministry to contain the situation.

Despite a curfew still in effect, the public is continuing their peaceful protests at the Galle Face in Colombo, with the protection of lawyers and several religious leaders, calling on the President to resign over the current incidents and the economic crisis.

Several incidents of violence and attempts to incite racial tensions were also reported from various parts of the country last evening but were diffused with the help of the public and the intervention of several religious leaders.

The call for the President to resign is justified, before his departure he must convene parliament to set up an Interim Government, to elect  a PM and Ministers in    Concurrence with sitting members Of Parliament,  before country goes into further chaos.

We are proud of our Youth and wish them success to bring a just Government for the benefit of all the citizens of Sri Lanka to live in Peace and Harmony.

Secretary General

World Forum ForSri Lankan Muslims

10th May 2022

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