Racism and Police Brutality

Racism  and Police BrutalityProphet Mohammed (pbuh) said in his last sermon thus :“A White man has no superiority over a Black Man nor a black man has superiority over a  White man; An Arab has no superiority over a non Arab nor a non Arab has any superiority over an Arab, except by piety and good action.And what could be more in line with UN Human Rights Charter than this powerful  message given to entire mankind fourteen hundred years ago.In the 21st century, this is what racism looks like now. George Floyd, a 46 year old black man in Minnesota, was killed by police. His murder has shocked people across the world. 
But those of us reading this who experience racism know this wasn’t an isolated incident. We feel the anger and pain of racism every day. And we know that once the shock has died down, and people have stopped tweeting, racism will still be around – in the US and  in the UK, and elsewhere.
The Silent Of Governments not to see the the widespread and intro controvertible and undeniable feelings of injustice, the depth of emotions that has been triggered by that spectacle of a black person losing is life in the hands of the police is yet to digest by the black community.

So it’s up to all of you especially those who don’t experience racism, because of the benefit from systemic white supremacy – to do something to challenge it. We can’t dismantle white supremacy overnight, but we can resource groups who do the work day-in day-out. Now and in the future.

Racism isn’t just a US problem. Racial injustice exists on our doorstep in the UK, and many other countries, Just this week news broke that people of colour in the UK are 54% more likely to be fined under coronavirus lockdown rules than white people. People of colour are more likely to die from Covid-19. And have endured racist policies like the Hostile Environment for years. 
We need to take a stand against this, and support those working to end racism here in uk as  people of the world, we grieve the senseless loss of another life at the hands of US police

We stand in community with everyone who is hurting. These brutal killings must end. Each is a wound to the heart of our humanity and it is  shameful. 

Racism thrives in the company of silence — so we will not stay quiet. Racism is a problem that belongs to us all. It is our fight

But we cannot allow that fight to become hatred, for then we are no wiser than those whose hearts we seek to change. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” 

It is in this spirit that we call on all those in power to act NOW, and hold President Trump and US state and local governments accountable to:

  • Ensure all officers involved in the killing of George Floyd face legal due process,
  • Expel and prosecute officers for even one instance of excessive force or the failure to intervene when excessive force is used,
  • Ensure every police killing is independently and transparently investigated.

We must pledge to do our part, meeting the fear, anger, and ignorance of racism with all the hope, love, and strength of our humanity.
 Black and ethnic minorities around the world face discrimination in Education,  Employment, in the application of the criminal law. This is the cold reality. Racism diminishes us all and we need to play a part in ending it.
People of the world must echo their solidarity and Strength to continue to fight against RacismCurrent level of awareness to bring about  solid changes in Governments and Society.Justice and Rule of Law are precious, but only if they are applied equally to people of all backgrounds.BLACK LIFE MATTERS
Rizwan  Wahab

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