WFSLM Welcomes Justice Minister Hon. Ali Sabry PC.

Hon. Ali Sabry PC

Minister of Justice


The Chairman, Secretary General, Steering Committee and the Members Of WFSLM take this opportunity to congratulate you, on your appointment as the Justice Minister of the newly formed Cabinet of Ministers in the Srilankan Government.

Members of the WFSLM are happy and rejoice your new position. You have earned this position through your sacrifice, vision and courage, by exercising your ability to promote and convince the Muslim community to support the majority Government.  It is not easy to reach such a position in this era where truth is very difficult to exercise.

We believe with your knowledge and experience you will execute your duties to the best of your ability and serve the Nation and it’s people equally and impartially, adhere to and upheld the  Law Of the Country and be transparent and accountable to the people.

Truthful to the State and it’s people is a covenant that should not be taken for granted.

WFSLM hope and pray that you find it easy to administer your ministry appropriately no matter how tedious the work may look.We wish you the best by saying that you “ shall excel In this new administration “ 

We have been carrying your speech in the Forum website 

which enlightens the desire NOT in the remoteness to expect special privileges to our community BUT to serve all ethnicities equally and follow the Rule of Law.

WFSLM are overwhelmed by your recent speech where you said Quote “Muslims have lived in this country for over 1100 years coexisted  peacefully, we vow to eradicate terrorism and Muslims will NOT be part of it and will not allow the petty minded politicians to divide us or the country. We are here to build bridges among communities and not walls to divide them. As Minister Of Justice I will serve all communities impartially”

May Allah give you the WISDOM to lead the people aright and find peace and harmony in your tenure appropriately.

On behalf of WFSLM

Rizwan Wahab

[email protected]

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